It’s Lundi, I’m in love

It’s Lundi, I’m in love

Ah, Monday.. everyone’s least favorite day of the week, it’s a lot like that dreaded first day back in reality after a wonderful, much needed vacation that just ended too soon.

Nobody likes Mondays, I’m pretty sure we were never really that chummy with each other either, that is until I became a radio jock and events host aka a freelance artist/worker/person. Since then, my weekends have never really been weekends, more like days I am sure to be working and moving about endlessly— hence the birth of my new favorite day of the week, Mondays.

Now I know I’m probably the only one of a few who have a newfound appreciation of dear Mon but really, I believe it’s all about perspective. Let’s face it. Monday ain’t going anywhere, so we might as well find ways to make the most of it and use it to start the week on a high note, yes? OH YES!

I’ve been meaning to start my own blog for a while now, but I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with a way to make it more than just a lifestyle blog. I’d love for it to be something that would somehow make my would-be readers’ lives a little bit better.

So, now here’s Lundi! Lundi means Monday in French. I’ve always been fascinated with Paris and all the beauty, romance, and simplicity it represents. That’s the spirit I want to communicate through this blog.

Mondays can be tough, yes. But Mondays can be beautiful, too. Like I’ve mentioned, it’s all a matter of perspective. Move over Friday, you’ve got Lundi coming your way! 😉

Welcome to Lundi!

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