A French affair to remember

A French affair to remember

When one is getting ready to marry, a certain slew of “musts” are in order – and believe me, a lot of these are pretty tedious – paperwork and planning that threaten to suck the romance out of your wedding. Some “musts” however, are pretty fun, such as the bridal shower or bachelorette’s night! An evening of fun, laughter, adventure and surprises can be expected and that is indeed what I got.

My best friend and one of my maids of honor, Cathy, was in charge of planning the evening with the rest of my bridal entourage plus a few of my closest girlfriends. It was a Friday, we were all coming off of a busy week, so we needed some good food and a couple of drinks.

Knowing my love for everything French, they took me to a lovely dinner at an authentic French restaurant headed by a French Master Chef! Turns out, Impressions in Resorts World Manila is a fixture on best restaurants lists and is run by Chef Cyrille– who happens to be the only Master Chef of France working in the Philippines. How’s that for special? He was even nice enough to welcome us to Impressions and chat with us for a bit.

The soup warmed up our tummies for the feast to come. We were actually served a basket of fresh-baked bread before the soup arrived, and it was so good! So good that it disappeared in a flash, like it was never even there. Lol. The entrée was a roasted pork belly dish stuffed with sisig that

was a surprisingly perfect marriage of French and Filipino cuisines. We finished it all off with flourless chocolate cake for dessert – which was of course my favorite part of any meal, being the sweet toothed gal that I am. All in all, it was a most magnificent dinner that made me feel very special, and I’d like to once again send my compliments to the Chef!

Aside from the exquisite food, another highlight of the evening was the drink of the night —  Rafa Sparkling Vino Blanco Dry- a sparkling wine that was light and bubby, just the way we like it.

We called it the magical drink because it never would disappear, every time we took a sip, it somehow seemed to be a full glass once again. Definitely something we couldn’t complain about! It was my first time to try it, and I would totally recommend it for a girls’ night out.

There are many ways to celebrate the twilight of your life as a single lady. Some girls like to have a raunchy time complete with naughty games, while some prefer brunch with mimosas, or a spa day with their girlfriends. I think the most important thing is to know who you are and what you truly enjoy.
For me, I really just wanted a nice, elegant dinner with my dearest and best where we can reminisce about our journey as friends who saw each other through heartbreaks, hilarity, trials, and triumphs, and talk about our hopes for the future.

Thank you, Cathy and everyone who made it happen.


Make it lovely,

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