Cruising along… and getting married!

Cruising along… and getting married!

Happy Lundi, loves!


How was your weekend? Was it lovely? I know mine was – and I am now the newly minted Mrs. Andre Co!!!


I can’t wait to share my wedding photos with you. It might take a while for the photog team to send everything over, so for now, I’ll just loop you in on what I’ve been up to in my last week as a single lady.


I know most brides would’ve been running around like headless chickens in the run up to their big day, and it’d be totally understandable. However, I was determined to be as chill as possible, and when I got the chance go to Ilocos Norte, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong aboard a cruise ship, I totally jumped at the chance.


This was my first time to ever join a cruise, not my first time to travel via sea as the Jollibee Drive Thru Challenge I joined 5 years ago had me hopping from one ro-ro to another! I had never been on a luxury cruise though, and definitely had never set foot on a ship as gorgeous as this one. Thank you to the bestest Keren Pascual, his entire team, and of course, Star Cruises for inviting me to join this one. I’ll tell you as early as now, it was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.



The first day was a long one but a bit of a blur. I had to be at Port 15 in Manila Harbor quite early to meet up with the team headed by Keren along with some of Manila’s most talented individuals- a wonderful mix of designers, writers, photographers, videographers, models, actors, performers, basically a handful of really creative beings all bunched up in the group I’d later know as my #AlwaysFamous family. I was also called in early as I was hosting the official Press Conference for Star Cruises and Superstar Virgo.


We were ushered into the ship and were welcomed into The Lido, or the main theater, for the welcome presentation to be followed by the presscon and then moved to the Genting Palace for lunch. By lunch time I was already a bit lightheaded as I hardly slept due to work and last minute packing! I can’t remember if I enjoyed lunch or not because of how I was feeling, but I did love the grandness of the aesthetics in the restaurant and getting to know my seat mates a little better— at this point, I’d met Manesha and Camille of Havaianas Philippines! Hi ladies! Also reunited with photographer friend Wilson Chua. There were lots of other individuals, new and those I’d briefly worked with in the past that I was waiting to interact with.



We had to re-enter the ship along with the other actual travelers and were finally settled in our room a little past 6PM, by this time I had already met my roomie, Pam Pastor of Inquirer Lifestyle. I loved her within the first 15 minutes of chatting even if I was feeling under the weather while we unpacked. I took a long nap and tried to be better by dinner, we’d be having a Luxe Pajama party at the Taverna bar on the upper deck! Dinner was a lot of fun, we enjoyed the buffet spread by the pool and took lots of photos in our jammies (well, I tried, I was still a little too sick to socialize but managed to join the group photo).


Post dinner festivities would resume at the the Galaxy of the Stars where Markki Stroem (who was part of the group as well) would be performing a few songs to be followed by a short segment I was supposed to host. Markki sang but the contest was moved to the next day, team #AlwaysFamous ended the evening with a conga line though! That was a fun ending. Before turning in, I thought I’d explore the idea of a massage, I badly needed it and just wanted to try anything that would take away the migraine I’d acquired. I tried the dry massage(which serviced til 2AM, hooray!) and walked back to my room feeling slightly better, took an aspirin and hoped for the best for day two.


That’s it for today’s post! Check back tomorrow for more on my adventure on the high seas!


Make it lovely!

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