Cruising along (Day 3): Keeping it cute in Kaohsiung

Cruising along (Day 3): Keeping it cute in Kaohsiung

First time ever to step foot on Taiwan land! I’ve heard many things about Taipei but Kaohsiung was unfamiliar to me. Our tour guide mentioned something about Kaohsiung being the Miami of Taiwan, my warm body covered in a ‘pacute’ layered outfit agreed. As soon as team #AlwaysFamous gathered, things started a-happening— Tessa P. was being her fabulous self, posing in her B&W outfit for everyone to enjoy!, Choreographer and Event Director Robby Carmona welcomed us with the cutest dance number and made sure everyone from our group knew where to go!, of course everyone checked for Wi-Fi and had to make their virtual presence felt as we were waiting to alight the bus that would take us around town.


Lunch was all sorts of seafood with different kinds of prep, we hardly knew what we were eating but almost everything tasted great! This one was our favorite. We still have no idea what it was exactly.


Our next stop, the Fo Guang Shan temple!


I didn’t even know Rajo was aware of my photo, lol!, and

After this we took a peek at the Love River and headed straight for some local Bubble Tea and then back on the bus we went.


That evening, we had a Chinese dinner and of course, an ‘In the Mood for Love’ theme to play around with! Thanks to the awesome Sidney Yap for lending me a top that transformed my outfit to something more appropriate, I failed to bring a cheongsam for this one and hoped that my red turtleneck and winged eyeliner combo would be enough—it wasn’t. We were treated to another evening of crooning from Markki before we all headed to the Blue Lagoon restaurant (a fave of ours, can you tell?) for some late night snacks. Pam and I decided we couldn’t end the evening here as it was my last one on the trip so we headed to the karaoke room right by the rest for a few songs… and by a few songs I mean 2 hours of karaoke time! Rap Robes and Miko Raval eventually joined us as well as we sang to our hearts’ content —well, two hours and some change. Alas the concert finally ended and it was time to get some shuteye. I was happy to be in bed but extremely sad that it’d be my last one on Superstar Virgo.


And that closes out Day 3! Visit me again tomorrow to read about the last leg of my SuperStar Virgo adventure!


Make it lovely!

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