Cruising along (Day 4): Hello, Hong Kong!

Cruising along (Day 4): Hello, Hong Kong!

This was my final day on the cruise and last few hours with the #AlwaysFamous gang. I knew I had to get up early for Zumba and to finally see the lovely view on the upper deck in the early hours of the morning. It was a glorious sight indeed, I hated myself a little bit for not experiencing it sooner. Zumba by Robby was a lot of fun, too! I thought it would be difficult but I actually really enjoyed it and am now considering joining a class(we’ll see). After Zumba I headed back to the room to start packing and to enjoy the balcony view one last time.



One of my Duty Free finds! Laneige’s Milk Blurring hippie which is always out of stock in Manila, and


Last lunch with the team before disembarking with all my things at HK, I wasn’t looking forward to lugging all my bags around but hey, Hong Kong awaits!!! I had to go through a different line from everyone else as I wasn’t joining them on the cruise back to Manila, I also had to clear my transactions way earlier as to not have any trouble with my departure. Had a brief goodbye during our Japanese lunch and headed off to see beautiful Hong Kong!


Made sure to get a photo with Superstar Virgo before eating out to Tung Chung to drop off my things! This was a bittersweet moment for me. Hated leaving but was also ecstatic to be home soon to see Andre and my puppy Libby.


In the meantime, hello HK. Let’s catch up a bit, ey?


Dimsum, of course!,


H&M makeup is now here!


Been craving for this for months! Found at Harbor City Mall


Dinner with Tito Boyet, my love, at Ebeneezer’s


Dropped by Sasa of course but failed to take photos as I got too excited. Ran around Hong Kong until my feet were dead. Headed back to Tung Chung as I’d be flying out the next day for Manila and straight to an event for work.


It was most definitely an experience of a lifetime. I still can’t believe I was able to join a trip as amazing and as memorable as this was. To sleep in one place and to wake up in another is such an interesting feature to cruising, but I believe what truly made this incredibly special was the group of people I got to share it with. The combination of Superstar Virgo being such a charmer, with the vast selection of things to do while on board and with the little discoveries in every corner (shopping! karaoke! library!) and the exciting on land excursions Star Cruises offers -Laoag, Vigan, Paoay, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong —If you ever get a chance to go on a cruise with them, don’t hesitate! Admittedly, I did, but only because I had too many things on my schedule already— thankfully, I adjusted all that and went. It was worth it. My one tip would definitely be— travel with a group. A fun one, a crazy one and you’ll have the best time! Find your own #AlwaysFamous family, or bring the one you already have. Enjoy the vacay-ception aka vacation within a vacation with Star Cruises! I know you will 😉



I have a few other tips for first time cruisers, would you guys be into that?

Let me know! <3


Make it lovely!

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