To the women who gave us life ❤️ Happy Mother’s Day!

To the women who gave us life ❤️ Happy Mother’s Day!

We’ve been extremely busy working and preparing for the wedding. So much so, that we haven’t had the chance to spend as much time with our moms as we had to jump right back to work after. Now we’re so happy that we finally have Mother’s Day as an excuse to spend time with our moms!

Both our queens enjoy a good massage whenever possible and we, too, have both been in dire need of one for months now– it was a no brainer to go on a spa date. We figured we follow it with a swell dinner enjoying the mother’s day promo valid for the entire month of May at Resorts World Manila’s (RWM) Cantonese restaurant Passion (a treat for Andre too as he loves his Asian cuisines).


It was the first time that we went on a date with both our moms together. Nothing new though because they are friends from their teens (having gone to the same college, were both dancers and share many common interests and friends).


It was also everyone’s first time at Island Spa in RWM and we were very impressed with the ambience, as the feeling of relaxation instantly greeted us the minute we set foot inside the spa.


We booked for the full body combination massage to get the best of both worlds and decided to have one-on-one moments with each of our moms for the massage. This entailed choosing which oil we’d like for the aromatherapy massage, and lavender went on as the winner!

We were greeted with a cup of ginger tea which put us in a more relaxed mood pre-massage. The “couples” room was very spacious and dimly lit, which was perfect to put anyone in the right mood. Our therapists asked us to slip into the robe and shorts provided and make ourselves comfortable on the beds. They momentarily left us and said they’d return in five.

After the relaxing session, my mom and I were asked if we wanted the option for the therapists to wipe off the oils on our bodies using hot towels as the massage progressed and we agreed to it: perfect, too, because we’d still be having dinner after. It was a new and essential experience for me as I’ve never been offered this option before.


Meanwhile, Andre and his mom opted to have warm showers after instead. Another great thing that I have only experienced with Island Spa is their hot pack service where they place a hot pack covered in a towel on the bed as soon as you flip over which instantly soothes your back as you lay down (my favorite part!)


The service at Island Spa was exceptional. From the receptionists to the therapists to the cleaners, they were all very attentive of our needs and were very courteous the entire time! I felt like I was celebrating, too! (I’m a furmom to my dog Libby anyway so happy Mother’s day to me as well!)

We all left the spa bringing with us with happy feelings(perhaps a little hungover on relaxation and ginger tea) of content and satisfaction.  We actually can’t wait to return for another session. Perhaps it could become a mini tradition with our moms. Andre and I have already planned a date for ourselves back, too!


We next found ourselves at Passion, seated at a huge table for only the four of us– it was imperative though for the amount of food we were going to be served and were about to devour. The Mother’s Day promo is also known as Mom’s Imperial Treat, and what a treat it truly was! For a little over a thousand bucks each, we drowned ourselves in Crispy Salmon, Braised Local Scallop with Spinach Soup, Wok Fried Shredded U.S. Beef, Fried Shrimps in Salted Egg Yolk (Yumm, My mom loved it!), Malay Sauce Garlic Fried Rice (YAAAS), Deep Fried Lapu-lapu Fillet and Pomelo Sauce (Mom Monette’s fave!), Stewed Pork Belly and Chilled Osmanthus Jelly with Red Bean Cake for dessert!

The ladies definitely enjoyed the mix of meat, fruits and veggies in every dish! Andre just enjoyed everything period. This is high praise because he is a self-proclaimed Asian food enthusiast(hehe).

We had so much food that we left with our bellies extremely full and even had some extras to bring home to our dads (oh yea, we have dads too. almost forgot).

It really was quite a fun evening dating our moms (aka favorite frenemies) and each other’s new moms-in-law. It felt good to treat them to something simple but special for Mother’s Day. It really was an experience that Andre and I both cherish and would love to do with them again soon, even on a normal day, just because.


Thank you to my mama, Princess, for being the weird mom that you are! I loved our mini date during the massage and it was fun watching you and my mother-in-law bond as well, thank you for joining us! To my new mom, Monette, thank you for being with us and for taking the time to be with Andre as he has missed spending time with you, too, even if he doesn’t say it out loud! We love you both so much! Shall we do this again soon? I suggest the soonest.


Make it lovely!

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