1st pet-friendly hotel staycation + other Libby Approved spots!

1st pet-friendly hotel staycation + other Libby Approved spots!

It’s amazing how much happiness unconditional love can bring. Little ball of love = Libby! Andre and I welcomed Libby Chessler(any Sabrina fans out there?) into our world about a year ago and our lives have been completely changed. The joy she brings into our life everyday cannot be measured. The responsibility though of having a furbaby is a huge one, something a lot of people don’t expect. In our case it’s a little more challenging as we have chosen not to leave her alone at home(30 minutes max). We live in an apartment and there really isn’t anyone left behind to look after her whenever we go out. She is, therefore, constantly with us as we go to work or to the mall, we bring her around everywhere. The reason for this(paranoia) is due to a traumatic experience of losing Hiccup, our 1st furbaby together, before Libby came along.

As the saying goes, the struggle is real. Actual parents may find this a little silly and maybe a bit OA but fur-parents will understand. Finding establishments that are pet-friendly here in the metro is quite a pain. Online info isn’t really accurate about which establishments are pet-friendly or not. We’ve had our fair share of unpleasant experiences in being rudely rejected as well–NOT FUN. I mean I get it, rules are rules but training in this department is quite lacking in a few places. So as fur-parents, we’d like to spare you the stress and list down the pet-friendly joints we know of– this is also to acknowledge some of the establishments that welcome our little furry companions(thank YOU!).

Andre and I recently had our first staycation with our Libby. Ecohotel in Tagaytay is one of the few hotels we’ve encountered that is open to having pets stay over with their humans. We especially liked the fact that their resident dog, Blue, was part of the welcoming committee as we checked-in to the hotel. They were also kind enough to heat Libby’s food for the duration of our stay. Unfortunately only dogs 25 kilos and below are allowed to stay at the hotel since it is a boutique hotel and their rooms would probably be too small for a bigger dog. They also will require a bigger safety deposit of 2000 pesos with an additional 500 pesos per pet. Aside from these things, the hotel welcomes your furbaby with open arms. The receptionists were warm and friendly to both humans and their companions. Libby isn’t necessarily a yappy dog so we didn’t encounter any problems with the other guests but take note that the doors and walls aren’t completely sound-proof so noisier pets will be heard and can bother other people. All in all it was a very pleasant stay for us and it doesn’t hurt that they are very eco-friendly, too! Will definitely be back soon!



Other Libby Approved Establishments:

  • La Luz Resort – Laiya, Batangas (500 per pet)
  • Sundowners Villa – Bolinao, Pangasinan (with a fee per pet)
  • Cafe Voila – Tagaytay
  • Balay Dako – Tagaytay
  • Gringo’s – Legaspi, Makati
  • Bake n’ Bacon – Solenad, Nuvali
  • Masuki – All branches
  • Nice Two Meat U – Circuit Makati
  • Kandle Cafe – Tomas Morato
  • Crying Tiger – Poblacion, Makati
  • Seoul Express – Fort Strip, BGC
  • Slice – High Street, BGC (we were in the outdoor area but they were kind enough to give our dogs water in a plastic bowl, w/o us asking for water specifically for them <3)
  • Eastwood Mall
  • All SM Malls
  • All Ayala Malls
  • Rockwell
  • Estancia, Capitol Commons


These are the ones we’ve actually been to. There are still quite a few, I’m sure, that we haven’t discovered. We are eager to find more so please feel free to leave a comment if you guys have any additions so that we can update this list and make it longer. Knowing more Libby Approved establishments makes life a little more fun and a bit easier for everybody, no? We did not include restaurants that have outdoor areas as most of these are open to having your dogs with you as long as you stay outside and get consent. Of course, we can’t promise that they’ll be as welcoming as the aforementioned spots. On our part, we will continue our search for more pet friendly a.k.a. Libby approved establishments and will update you guys soon!


Libby is on I-to tha-G! @libbyapproved

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