If you are what you eat, then I’m about to turn Japanese

There’s something about Japanese culture that fascinates me. Maybe it’s their minimalist
aesthetic, or their attention to detail, or their obsession with the concept of constant
improvement. Or maybe I truly am just a Sailor Moon fan girl for life! Haha!
Anyway, one of the things I like best about Japan is their food. When prepared by chefs who
know what they’re doing, everything always tastes so fresh, clean, and just perfect. Best of all, I
noticed that even if I eat a lot, I don’t end up with that horrible bloated feeling that you get with
some cuisines.
Some of the Japanese restos I love have been around for a while, like Kimpura. It’s a reliable
place to go for family celebrations and they never disappoint. I’ve loved their tempura ever
since I was a kid, and it never fails to satisfy.
Nihon Bashitei has a bit of a straightforward, no-gimmick vibe and it’s probably because they
don’t need it. The restaurant itself isn’t as fancy or polished as some of the trendier places, but
that isn’t what their patrons are looking for anyway. This is a place that’s all about good, authentic Japanese food at
reasonable prices and the perpetual lunchtime waitlist is a testament to their winning formula. They’re open til late too which is a huge plus!
Jipan is mostly assumed to just serve just bread and pastries, but they actually also offer
a full menu with hot meals. I mean, I love their super fluffy rolls and Japanese cheesecake, but
being able to sit down and enjoy good Japanese katsu curry + spicy tuna sashimi salad while buying the best bread in the
city just makes it all better.
Ooma is a bit newer, and is currently my favorite spot for the Hanger Steak and the Scallop and Tuna Aburi maki.
As someone who grew up in the south and is often there to visit, I am just so grateful for Sensei Sushi because at least I
am able to get easy access to get authentic Japanese cuisine without leaving the area. I think
many would agree with me when I say that it’s the best Japanese restaurant in this part of Metro
However, if you are looking for the ultimate Japanese eating experience, you should really try Ichiba Japanese Market
at Resorts World Manila. They have a huge area with tanks filled with live seafood patterned
after the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. They have everything from Alaskan Blue Crabs,
lobsters – some of which are over a foot long, all sorts of shrimps and prawns, and both local
and imported fish.
For a cuisine as minimalist as Japanese, freshness is a gamechanger, and it doesn’t get fresher
than it does at Ichiba. Even something as “common” as tempura feels significantly upgraded by
the sweetness and pop of the live-cooked prawns. Even just steamed, the crabs’ meat is so
tasty and bouncy that you don’t need any sauces or added flavors to enjoy them.
Don’t be fooled into thinking Ichiba serves only seafood. They also have excellent meat
selections, such as the incredibly juicy and tasty Gyukushi made with premium wagyu beef. This
is really one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life and is a solid argument to not go

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