Tonight, we dine…. at Wolfgang’s!

Tonight, we dine…. at Wolfgang’s!

It has officially been six months since our fancy and fun day in the sun, our wedding with our family and friends! Therefore, a celebration was definitely due! Now it’s no secret that Andre and I love to eat out, I mean who doesn’t? We’re the type of people though who are creatures of habit and comfort so we tend to go for restaurants we already love and very seldom try out something new. Since we were celebrating something special, we decided to go for a menu that’s different and slightly fancier than our usual cravings. We’ve heard quite a bit about this restaurant in Newport Mall that’s known for its steak and beautiful interiors, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, and decided this was it! The exciting new restaurant we just had to try!

Wolfgang’s is located at the second level of Resorts World Manila and immediately gives off a posh vibe. For Andre, it felt like he was in a mafia movie a la The Godfather. I’ve never seen the movie but I agree. We sat in a cozy little corner near the wine cellar which was the perfect little dating spot for us. We started off with appetizers and didn’t hold back at all– we got the Seafood Platter, French Onion Soup and their Beverly Hills Chopped Salad. The platter was a joy to devour as we had a variation of tastes in one go and it was the perfect start to our dining experience. Andre got the French Onion Soup which is probably one of the best ones of its kind we’ve tried so far. The salad was great, too– the avocados made me do it!

Seafood Platter
Beverly Hills Chopped Salad (with Avocados, yaas)
French Onion Soup

Now we move on to the main act— the famous Wolfgang’s Steaks! Our server, Theresa, quickly suggested the Porterhouse for Two when asked about what she’d recommend. Boy, were we glad she told us about that! The Porterhouse for Two is a 28-day dry-aged steak that is served swimming in butter on a sizzling hot plate. So hot in fact, that you may still cook your steak on it when it is served(we got ours prepared medium well). Immediately, we were shocked by the size of the steak and were extremely amused with the presentation. I do enjoy eating steaks but I believe that Andre would be best at putting the experience into words so let me give him a moment here to tell you all about it:

It was the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. Perfectly cooked, medium-rare, just how I like it. It was a thick 2 inch steak but it was soft and tender that it instantly would melt in your mouth! Words are not enough to describe this juicy rack of meat. Burnt enough outside but still very juicy inside, this is really how you serve steak. I actually ended up telling our steak server, Andro, that I’ve been on a constant search for the best steak and I think I’ve found it at Wolfgang’s. It’s pretty difficult for me now to eat any other steak as I will always compare it to this amazing slab of meat. Andre Out. 🙂

We added some baked potato and sauteed mushrooms as our side dishes for the main course!

Porterhouse for two (or four, even!)
Andre’s reaction after the first bite!

Sauteed Mushrooms
Baked Potato

We also don’t drink much but it seemed that this particular evening(and the dishes) called for some wine and we ended going with an Australian Pinot Noir, Cline 2015.  It was perfect with the seafood and just lovely with the steak as well. Of course with my husband having zero tolerance for alcohol, he was all red before his first glass emptied and we were already in giggles mid-meal. We enjoyed ourselves so much, really. Perhaps it was the food, maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was everything! To be quite honest, the amount of servings they had were quite huge, except for the salad because I got the half order(good call) and we soon realized we had ordered too much. We were enjoying too much to care though and just decided to take home the rest! Still made for good breakfast and lunch the next day 😉 All in all, not bad for a fancy shmancy night out!

Now we need to come up with another good excuse to go out for steak. Hmm.


The Bar!

My handsome date!


Photos were taken with a Huawei P10+ and Fujifilm X-A3

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